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Agricultural Commodities We Offer

Bayrony has a diversified range of agricultural commodities including :
• Gum Arabic.
• Peanuts.
• Sesame Seeds (White and Red).
• Watermelon Seeds.
• Pigeon Peas.
• Hibiscus Flower.

Our Products

With so many years of experience in the business, Bayrony compnay is your source for the highest quality agricultural commodities in the market.

Gum Arabic - Bayrony Investment International Co. Ltd.
Gum Arabic

Sudanese Pigeon Peas - Bayrony Investment International Co.Ltd.
Sudanese Pigeon Peas 

Sudanese Peanuts / Bayrony Investment International Co.Ltd
Sudanese Peanuts 

Hibiscus Flower - Bayrony Investment International Co.Ltd.
Hibiscus Flower


Oilbanum Gum

Sudanese Sesame Seeds - Bayrony Investment International Co.Ltd
Sudanese Sesame Seeds

Sudanese Watermelon Seeds - Bayrony Investment International Co.Ltd.
Sudanese Watermelon Seeds

About Bayrony

A small brief about Bayrony .. Commodities we offer and a space for asking a question

About Us

Bayrony was founded in Sudan’s capital Khartoum and is an exporter and trader of agricultural commodities. The company started at a small level, initially engaged in seasonal agriculture commodities only trading Watermelon seeds; - Today, it has dedicated employees all over the production areas in Sudan and has achieved great success in its operations, which allowed it to diversify and add six more agricultural commodities to its portfolio. Furthermore, product line enhancement has reduced the dilemma of customers searching for reliable sources.

Bayrony now has a diversified range of agricultural commodities including :

 Gum Arabic.
 Sesame Seeds (White and Red).



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Why Choose Bayrony?

Reasons made us the best agricultural commodities provider in the market
Exceptional quality control from our employees in the field
Knowledge & Experience
Deep knowledge and expertise in Agricultural commodities.
Long term Relationships
Create and maintain long term relationships with our customers.
Market Awareness
Great market awareness that allows us to supply products off season.
Consistency & Reliability
By Achieving distinction in the consistency and reliability of the quality of products.
Quick Documentation
High efficiency and quick documentation process.
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